Flipped Stand for a Lenovo Yoga 13 Convertible Notebook

Recently I obtained a new notebook computer, which, along with some other projects, I’ll use as my excuse for not posting as much lately.  After thinking about what would be the ideal solution for using this Lenovo Yoga13 computer with a dual monitor, I think I’ve come up with a good solution:yoga-13-flipped-standMy first idea was to use the auto-flipping function of this little notebook, and turn it on its side.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t work in dual-screen mode.  Then it hit me, since I can turn the keyboard and monitor in the opposite direction as it’s generally used, I could free up a massive amount of desk space this way while using an external keyboard.  What you see above are the results of my experiment.

In my preliminary sketch seen in the gallery below, the idea was to make the notebook screen roughly level with the second monitor, and have a place underneath to store a USB hub and DVD drive.  All the wood was left over from other projects.  The bottom and sides were stained and the top was coated with Rust-Oleum rubberized spray to keep the keyboard from being banged up.  If you try this, be warned that it will smell like rubber for a day or two until it dries completely.

The sides were drilled so that the necessary power, USB, and HDMI cables could be fed through.  Keep in mind that some HDMI cables will sit down slightly with respect to the slim keyboard, so you may want one or both edges to sit off of the base.

You might think that something like this would be available at, say, IKEA.  Maybe it is, but I’ve never been there.  I hear it’s very hard to get out of without buying anything, and I really don’t enjoy shopping.  I had the scrap wood around, and I think the fact that mine has a bottom makes it somewhat unique.  In most cases, for a shelf like this, the bottom wouldn’t be necessary.  I plan to use it to tape the USB hub and DVD burner (mine from Amazon) down with tape similar to this when I’m happy with everything.

There’s a real art to correct wire management, and I don’t think I’ve yet achieved the proper Feng Shui here.  I’ll have to consider everything before locking it down.  Or, like my projects, maybe that’s just my excuse for now.  Thanks for reading!


  1. How do you like the Yoga? Is the i5 powerful enough (photoshop and light 3d modeling?)

    I recently killed my macbook pro and was eyeballing the yoga. The outward facing keyboard in tablet mode was a bit unsettling though.

    • I really like it so far. I’ve used GIMP a bit and have done video editing with PowerDirector 11, but no 3D modeling. I had a really old computer before though. I got the one with 8 GB of RAM, which is a HUGE step up for me, and I’m sure the SSD helps too.

      Windows 8 (which isn’t so bad once you figure things out) boots up literally in a few seconds. After using it in tablet mode some, I thought it worked very well (especially impressed with IE use here), but I can understand your hesitation with the keyboard.