Burning Out a Stump Failure

I read somewhere on the Internet about pouring wax into a hole drilled in a tree stump to burn it down.  The theory is that the tree would act like a candle and burn to the ground.  I was too lazy to melt paraffin into the tree, so I instead used kerosene.  I’m not sure it said paraffin wax anyway, and who knows if they knew what they were talking about.  Here’s the results of a time-lapse that I did of the later part of this experiment:

As you can see, it didn’t burn the stump down.  Considering it was using the kerosene as a fuel, it wouldn’t really make sense for the “stump-wick” to burn down anyway.  Regardless, I got to try out my GoPro Camera more, using a modified version of this mount that I made.  “Read More” for pictures of the setup.

I used a coupler to connect the top to this sharpened piece on the bottom that was hammered in with a rubber mallet.  This may not have worked, but on the other hand, this stump might make a nice torch for parties to welcome people to my abode…

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