Progress on the Mountain Beest

So here is the latest on my walking “Beest” contraption (first featured here).  It finally has two legs moving together:

I’ve actually made a bit more progress than the first video would suggest, adding a square wooden body to keep everything together.  Check out the time-lapse of me setting everything up:

As seen in the first video, to originally test the legs out by themselves, I used my trusty “bike stand” which seems to be used for everything besides working on my bike (like this camera mount).  Incidentally, the second ‘beest stand (that I unwisely stand on in the video) was built by my grandfather many years ago.  From what I know about him, he would have been quite happy to see it used this way.

So that’s (most of) my progress so far.  Maybe this next video should be listed under my “inspiration” post, but as a bonus, here’s a “double lambda” walking mechanism.  I hadn’t heard about this device until recently, but it would be an interesting alternative mechanism to base a walker on:


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