A Tree-Mounted Drink Holder

If during a rousing game of ladder toss, or cornhole you get thirsty, you may find that you have nowhere to place your drink.  Fortunately, if there are trees around, and you have a 2×4 handy, JCoPro.net has you covered.

Hopefully the pictures more or less illustrate what I did.  As far as supplies go, all you need is a 2×4, nails, eurethane/stain, and optionally deck screws to make things extra-secure if your activities get out of hand.  You’ll also need a saw, a screwdriver, and a level.

wooden-drink-holder-side-viewI cut the larger 2×4 piece to 9 inches because that seemed like it would fit in with the diameter of my tree, the smaller one I cut a bit shorter.  I then chamfered both pieces as shown, using my Rigid miter saw (Amazon), sanded both pieces, and drilled pilot holes for the 3 inch deck screws through the top piece.  After marking and drilling the bottom, both pieces were attached as shown, and some eurethane was put on it to keep it looking nice.

I then levelled it on the tree I’d selected and nailed it in securely with 2 1/2 inch screws.  9 inches isn’t enough for a ton of drinks, but it blends in to the tree’s diameter I think, especially with the chamfers.  It’s a really cheap and easy project if you have the tools available.


  1. Also great for remote sensor mounting ! 😀