Maker Faire Display Setup Time-Lapse and Ideas

Saturday, I displayed some projects that are discussed fully in this post.  I thought it would be cool to take a time-lapse of my table being set up using my DIY GoPro mount.  It took less than an hour to get everything going, but I’d done quite a bit of preparation in the days before to make things easier.

As far as the video goes, I really like at the end, when everyone is talking and the light graffiti device and cigar box “creepster” seem to be following right along.

If I met you at the event, I’d invite you to leave a comment on this article to say “hello.”  The event wasn’t crowded the whole time, but seemed to get busy in waves. If I wasn’t able to talk to you in person, sorry about that.  After the “read more,” I’ve put some ideas for having a great display at a Maker event like this, as well as some photos of my booth.

Prepare Everything Beforehand

I took several days to prepare everything and make sure it was in running order before packing up the night before.  This really paid off, as it worked almost perfectly.  That being said, my “light graffiti arena” looked pretty shoddy with its duct tape, so I guess that could have been better

Movement and Blinking Lights

Both the light graffiti device and cigar box were moving around nearly constantly.  PVC man was blinking.  This seemed to attract a lot of attention, just like my CNC router did at the Raleigh show last year.

Automation is Your Friend

Just In the nick of time, I learned how to write bash scripts to run my graffiti program automatically, and PVC man and the cigar box just did their own thing.  This allowed me to talk to people without interrupting my presentation too much.

Signage Explaining Your Items

I could have done a better job at this, especially having a sign explaining what was going on with my “glowing servo device.”  Sometimes we concentrate so much on the content of what we are doing, that we forget to present things really nicely.  This may be boring to some, but this can be important to a lot of your audience.


Water bottles, check.

Be Ready to Talk (a Lot)

I did talk a lot by a normal person’s standard I think.  By a normal engineer’s standards, I was probably getting to filibuster levels.  Possibly stash some water as shown in the picture.

More ideas

For some reason, after going to the North Carolina Maker Faire last year, I had a few more thoughts on what to do.  All of them are probably still legitimate, especially the part about bringing an extension cord, which I did.

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