Creations From the Columbia, SC Maker Faire

First of all, if you’re new to this site, thanks so much for checking it out!  If you saw me in Columbia this weekend, below is a summary of the projects that I brought.


Featured in a stop-motion video that you can see here, this guy makes for a great thing to show off.  Add to that some LED-enabled wooden mushrooms, and you’ve got the stars of some very strange videos.

Havana Box Creepster

automated-cigar-box-openI’ve got several posts that I’m planning to write about this guy shortly, but have linked up an intro post above.  If you haven’t yet, I’d encourage you to follow me using email or one of the other ways in the upper-right hand corner of this page.

GoPro PVC Mount

If you saw this at the show, you probably have figured out how it works.  However, if you want some details, see the link above.

Laser Light Graffiti Device

laser-servo-graffiti-smileThe above link will give you some background on how this device worked originally.  What I had in Columbia is a little different, as it makes “X”s so that it could, in theory, make a very large mark.  I haven’t tried anything much bigger than what was shown off on Saturday.

Live “Light Graffiti” Device

I don’t have a separate post up for this yet, as I “developed” it just in time for the show.  After some discussion with my wife about how I would illustrate what light graffiti is, I thought a live version of this using the “Glow Crazy” (Amazon) device with a violet laser (also available from Amazon in this 3-pack) would work really well.  Hopefully you agree!

More Projects


“Giant” Hexapod not really walking around the yard

Although the theme of this show was more or less “light graffiti” and anything else with blinking lights attached, many of my projects are quite different.  I’d encourage you to also check out my Youtube Channel, or possibly use the “random post” button at the top right of this page to see what other stuff I like to work on.  There are close to 400 posts on this site, so I’m almost certain you’ll eventually find something interesting…


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