Cheap GoPro Camera Boom Mount

I recently obtained an excellent GoPro HERO3: “White Edition camera, and one of the first things I intend to use it for is time-lapse photography.  I’m going to be at a Maker Faire* event on June 1st, and thought it would be awesome to take some time-lapse footage of my table.  For this purpose, I made the boom mount seen below with the original packaging materials, a bike stand, and length of 1 inch PVC pipe:

As you can no doubt see, the video is taken with two different cameras.  It turned out OK, but I think I need more practice to get this technique to work well.  As for the actual boom setup details:

The GoPro camera doesn’t use a standard 1/4 – 20 bolt to mount everything like a traditional camera, but has a quick-connect setup.  It’s a custom mount, but I noticed that it’s mounted to the packaging using one of these items.  This top piece was easily removed (torn off) the rest of the box, and stuck to the top of a length of 1 inch PVC pipe with super glue.  I cut the front of it off so it wouldn’t obstruct the view, but this probably isn’t strictly necessary.

Something similar could be done with a traditional camera, putting a 1/4 inch (or slightly larger) hole in a PVC end cap, and screwing the camera to it with a 1/4 – 20 screw.  Honestly though, I’d have a hard time trusting my Canon DSLR to a mount like this, but anything listed on this site is definitely try at your own risk.

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In order to make it a stationary elevated PVC fixed mount, this new glue/PVC/GoPro assembly was attached to my bicycle work stand, a “RAD bike stand” from Amazon.  It was able to grip the pipe just like it would a bike.  It can be turned at 90 degrees for a vertical mount, positioned horizontally, or anywhere in-between.  The stand is quite heavy, which for this application should be a real advantage.  I’ve already used it quite successfully to record another project I’ve been making. Radical, dude!

*A Maker Faire is something where people show off the stuff that they’ve made, like what you see here.  If you happen to be in Columbia, SC on June 1st, you should check it out.  I would love to meet any readers in the area, and hope to attract new readers as well.  I’m going to make my booth mostly about light graffiti, and the various devices I use in this photographic style.  Hopefully this boom setup will make for some great shots and possibly a time-lapse video.  We will see!


My display last year in Raleigh.  My friend TK is attentively rifling through a bag of some sort.

On that note, did any of you happen to see me in the Raleigh, NC event last year?  If so, please let me know in the comments; I’d love to hear from you.  That show was really awesome.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it this year do to a scheduling conflict.


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