Lathe Laser Light and Table Tennis Graffiti


Laser, Lathe, and Long Exposure

I’ve done a lot of experiments with light graffiti on JCoPro, but some things don’t really go anywhere.  This post is about a few shots that don’t necessarily fit into another large post, but I thought were interesting anyway.

The first few pictures in the gallery after the “more” are of me tracing the supposed trajectory of a Ping-Pong ball with a green laser (under $5 on Amazon as of this writing).  Shining it on the ball itself made for a cool effect.  Yay.

The second set of pictures, made with a lathe, was a bit more interesting.  The effects reminded me of a 60’s era sci-fi film.  Think early Star Trek Pheonix Five.  Basically I made a really crude fixture for my laser with a 2 x 4 and attached it to the lathe’s spindle.  Probably not the safest thing to do, so I don’t recommend anyone try it (or anything else on this site for that matter).  A long exposure shot was taken (per my light graffiti intro) and the rest is history.


For some other “manual” laser light graffiti ideas, here’s my first experiment with lasers, “painting” some random stuff on the side of my house.  Of course, the “LED and light projects” section is full of automated light graffiti, so be sure to page through that section.

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