Free pyMCU Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Patrick Gibson on winning the “free pyMCU” contest!*

Richard will be sending the winner one shortly, and if you come up with any cool projects with it, I would love to see it!

In case you’re wondering how I selected the winners, I used a simple Python script (naturally) putting everyone in a list then randomizing it.  Sure, it’s only pseudo-random, but hopefully it’s good enough for readers of this blog.  If I was really good, I’d figure out a way to scrape the comments, but handling the “subscription bonus” would have made it even tougher.

Contest Python Script:

import random
x = [“Dillon”, “Dillon”, “Bill Hecox”, “Patrick Gibson”, “Patrick Gibson”, “Brian”, “Anthony Nystrom”, “Shankar Valleru”, “Tristen”, “Tristen”, “Kevin Groce”, “Kevin Groce”, “Ken Bolton”, “Ken Bolton”, “Konrad”, “Craig Thrall”, “Craig Thrall”, “Nicholas Day”, “R. Burke”, “G. Thompson”, “Veifler”, “Veifler”, “AGS”, “D”, “D”, “dhlabs”, “MJ Mare”, “D. Schumm”, “D. Schumm”, “Thomas Sileo”, “Jordan”, “Cathy Lewis”, “Cathy Lewis”, “Tim McQueen”, “Tim McQueen”, “Joost Plattel”, “Jacks”, “Madvoid”, “Felix”, “Pierre Paul Lefebvre”, “Martijn”, “McKay”, “McKay”, “srinath”, “John Varga”, “Anthony Plunkett”, “Anthony Plunkett”, “Rob D”, “Rob D”, “firefighterblu3”, “George Hahn”]
print “Contest Winner “, x[0]

*All names were given publicly in the comments (if you’re worried about privacy).

This was an incredibly successful contest, with nearly 40 people commenting in, many of who subscribed.  Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting.  If you didn’t win one, I really like my pyMCU boards, so you can pick one up for the reasonable price of $24.95.

atst-stencil-on-wallOn a related note, I never really did a follow-up on my last contest, but Miami’s own Nicole won my latest ATST painting and was nice enough to send me a picture of it up in her abode. (and permission to use the photo)

The number of entrants was somewhat less impressive for that contest, so apparently people like free microprocessors more than my weird “art.”  The art is more for my entertainment than anything, so if some people appreciate it, that’s a bonus to me!

*Originally another winner was chosen, however the winner’s address was not in the US as required.  Another winner was selected by the method outlined above.


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