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One of these – for Free!

Update 5/13/2013: Winner has been announced!  No contact info for the initial winner, so be sure to let me know who you are!

In honor of JCoPro’s newest sponsor, pyMCU’s Richard Wardlow has agreed to give away one of his Python-based real-world computer interfaces to a reader.  All you have to do is leave a comment here on this post saying something to the effect of “I want a free pyMCU,” and you’ll be entered in the drawing.*  Entries must be received by May 12, 2013.

To double your chances of winning, sign up to receive email updates first and note this in your comment (current subscribers count, just note this)!  If you don’t like what you end up getting, you can always unsubscribe later.


servo-powered light graffiti with the pyMCU

If you’re wondering what the pyMCU is, it’s a Python-controlled board that hooks up to your computer via USB and allows one to control or sense things in the real world.  I’ve done some really cool projects with it, including an automatic “Laser Light Graffiti” device and a simple 10 LED light bar persistence of camera thing.  Or for more projects ideas, there’s always the pyMCU site itself.

Besides the fact that pyMCU recently bought adspace here, I’ve really enjoyed learning to use this chip, and have no problem recommending them, paid or not (see my little review).  If you’re fluent (or semi-competent) in Python, this board is a breeze to use, and can add real-world functionality to your program.  I have no idea how this board isn’t getting some serious attention like, say the Raspberry PI, but this is my little part to try to promote it.

TL;DR – Leave a comment before May 13th, saying you want a free pyMCU for a chance to win one – subscribe (upper right on page) to this site to double your chances (note this in your comment)!

*Sorry, US residents only for this contest!  Shipping gets a bit prohibitive to some places :(.

Also, TL;DR is short for “too long, didn’t read.”


  1. I want free things!

  2. I would love the win a pyMCU. Python is my first love
    In programming langs. It would be great to marry my interest for MCU’s and Python.

  3. I’d love a free pyMCU!

  4. I LOVE Python and would love to win one of these!!

  5. Bill Coghill

    I’d love a free pyMCU. If I was chosen I would make sure it enjoyed itself in the Australian sun with lots of fun applications !

  6. Bill Coghill

    Yarg !! Just saw US only. 8-(

    • Yeah, sorry about that! Hopefully I haven’t offended my international readership too much.

      Thanks so much for reading, and for being a subscriber!

  7. Anthony Nystrom

    I want a free pyMCU

  8. I want your free pyMCU, subscribed also

  9. I already watch the blog but heu I want a free pyMCU. !

  10. I would love a pyMCU, and I am a subscriber!

  11. I want a free pyMCU

  12. Subscribed and would love a free pyMCU!

  13. Nicholas Day

    I want one too!

  14. I want a free pyMCU

  15. Excellent product! I would love a free pyMCU!

  16. me want cookie! gimme cookie! me register and everything… now gimme tasty python board!

  17. I would love a free pyMCU!

  18. I want a free pyMCU and I subscribed to your newsletter

  19. i’m sure I could use a free pyMCU for a home automation project

  20. Free is always nice. I want a free pyMCU!

  21. This would be a huge help towards my 4-H project (I also subscribed by email)

  22. I really want a free pyMCU !

  23. There are so many ways to use this. Sure, I would want free pyMCU.

  24. I would love a free pyMCU! I am an email subscriber. Does that count? 🙂

  25. I want a free pyMCU and I’m a subscriber.

  26. I want a free pyMCU! 🙂

  27. I would love a free pyMCU!

  28. I want a free pyMCU!

  29. Hi JcoPro,

    please include me into the drawing 😀


  30. Pierre Paul Lefebvre

    I want free things too 🙂

  31. I would definately like one of those pyMCU’s! 😀

  32. I would love to have a pyMCU. I tend to watch for your posts manually, but I just “followed” you on G+, so it’ll show up more automagically.

  33. Free pyMCU Giveaway | pyMCU - pingback on May 8, 2013 at 11:37 am
  34. great instrument i would like to work with
    i fell lucky if i get pyMCU for free

  35. I want a free pyMCU!

    I got here from Reddit. I love embedded system and I love Python!

  36. Sorry. Just saw US only. Ignore my previous comment then.

    • Sorry about the limitation! Our sponsor understandably doesn’t want to get hit with any crazy shipping charges. Thanks so much for checking it out.

  37. I would love a free pyMCU!

  38. This is perfect, I’d love to get a free pyMCU. I’ve got just the perfect project for it!
    You’re right about it’s low profile, I had never heard of it, so thanks for getting the word out. Subscribed to your RSS feed.

    • Awesome, thanks for subscribing (consider yourself entered twice). I really like using the chip, so I’m thrilled to have them as a sponsor.

      Good luck with the contest!

  39. me too! I want a free pyMCU. I subscribed to the email list as well. thanks!

  40. sure! i’d love to play with a free pyMCU 😀

  41. I’d definitely enjoy playing with a pyMCU!

  42. Free pyMCU Contest Winner! - pingback on May 14, 2013 at 6:42 am

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