Small Project Transport Bag Using Scrap Foam

Several of my wooden creations were recently displayed, and I wanted a way to get them in and out of the event without damage.  The wooden plant pots were especially vulnerable as they had dirt in them.

To keep everything upright, I turned to my trusty Zen Toolworks / DIY (my setup) foam cutter.  With this cutter, I made a foam piece to fit the bottom of a pistol range bag (I think this is the model from Amazon) into something that could hold these pieces securely.

I had a roughly 1 inch thick piece of foam left over from a delivery.  The circular pieces I marked with hole saws of a roughly appropriate size and cut it out.  The square base for my dart holder was cut using masking tape as a guide.  Check out the slideshow after the “read more” for more pictures of this build.

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Maybe it was more work than I really needed to put in to hold these items, but someone else would be displaying them, and it made for a fun simple project.  Everything got back to me in one piece, so it was definitely successful if overengineered.


  1. Nice idea, scrap foam can be a good anti-shock material when carrying any stuff. Quite a great alternative to protect your things while on travel.

  2. That is a clever use of scrap material.