JCoPro.net CNC “Art” Giveaway

atst-on-wallIf you saw my first post about making an ATST stencil and thought you might want one, I don’t have the first painting anymore.  Fortunately, I made the stencil out of what I now think is blue polycarbonate, (not carbonite!) so it should last for quite a while.  I had a spare canvas and got bored, so there is now another.

Additionally, I’ve been experimenting with using a modified version of my “Pixel Machining,” AKA halftone process to engrave floor tiles.  I’ve got at least two of these around as well that were experiments.  Finally, I’ve got two wooden “ninja stars” that I’m not doing anything with anymore.  They probably need a good home.

err-tile-engravedIf you would like your own Star Wars Chicken Walker painting, “Err” engraved tile, or CNC ninja star, just sign up to receive JcoPro.net updates via email (right side of the page), Twitter, or Youtube, and leave a comment here to let me know you’re interested.  If you already subscribe, just leave a comment.

I’ll randomly select one person, and ask which “prize” is desired.  From there, I’ll select another with options as to what is left, until I don’t have any more stuff available, or I get bored.  You can then unsubscribe, but I hope you’ll stick around!  I’ll start selecting winners a week from publication of this article, and once I contact you, you have a day to respond before I move on to the next person.

I have no idea how many people will enter this contest, but generally the Internet likes “free stuff,” so who knows.  If you’re wondering why I’m doing this, I’d really like to keep increasing my subscribers, and this should help.  Also, I’d like to give this stuff away rather than trash it if anyone would be interested in having it.

*I’ll pay for the shipping in the US, but if you want it shipped to another country, you’ll have to pick up the charges.  Also you agree to hold me harmless for anything related to this art.  The pictures are representative of the stuff I’m giving away, but they might be somewhat different.  I’ve been refining my process, and these are the “byproducts” of my experimentation.


  1. Star Wars Chicken Walker!! That’s awesome! I shared on FB.

  2. Awesome work! I would love something if you are still giving stuff away…

  3. More "Pixel Machining" AKA Halftoning Experiments - pingback on April 10, 2013 at 9:55 am

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