What Technology Would You Give Up?

What Technology Would You Give Up if You Had to Choose One?

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I’ve debated whether society at large, or just the surveyed would also be without these technologies.  After some logical faults* with only you not having it, I think it would have to be all society.


Yay for technology!

This wouldn’t be interesting if it wasn’t difficult, so I hope it is.  As for my choice, I would probably move to a very urban area (New York City, for instance) and choose not to be able to drive.  Probably the second-best choice would be to move to a (more) rural area and do without indoor plumbing.  On the other hand, doing without the Internet sounds difficult, but society was fine before 1993; I guess I would survive

*Logical faults like, if you were the only one that can’t use indoor plumbing, how could you use the bathroom at a restaurant.


  1. Yeah! Go bike!

    • Nice. I found it interesting a decent number of people selected “world’s end” before getting rid of medical tech after 1963. “World’s end” was mostly a joke, but maybe I should have put it as 1993 or something to make it more tempting.