Wooden Shuriken AKA Ninja Stars

stained-wooden-shuriken-standing-upNinja Stars, or more properly, Shuriken are ancient Japanese weapons that look extremely cool.  I’ve made them out of CDs with my CNC router, but recently thought that making them out of 1/4 inch plywood would be fun.  After a couple of coats of eurethane/stain, here is one of resulting “stars.”

Machining Shuriken with a CNC Router

I made a few more, as seen in the photo gallery below, and have made the DXF file available here.  These four stars are laid out in a way that a 7×12 Zen Toolworks router can cut all four in one pass, and I’ve included the GCode here if you’d like to make a set for yourself.

The machining cycle on my little Zen Toolworks router took around 48 minutes for all four.  The cutting was done with an eighth inch router bit.  It’s right at the edge of the 7×12’s travel, so if you try this, make sure to set your zero correctly.  I’d recommend the clamp setup that I outline here using a set of mini-clamps.


Obviously these things could be dangerous, even if they are wood.  Be careful, don’t throw them at each other, or don’t blame me when something goes wrong.  Also, be sure to verify everything with my GCode before you use it.  I like to roughly trace the outside of the cutting area to make sure it doesn’t hit anything.  As with everything on this site, I don’t recommend you try anything you read about here.


  1. These are great! I wanted to make some after my wooden knuckles but never got around to it. (I wanted to make wooden knives as well.)


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