Quick Project: Magnetic Wheel lights

I’ve featured wheel lights before for making LED nunchucks, and for use with light graffiti, however, this little “hack” is even simpler:

To make this magnetically-deployable wheel light, you’ll need the following:

  • Wheel lights – available from Amazon
  • Loctite Repair Putty or strong glue – what I used Available from Amazon
  • Rare Earth Magnet – a magnetic sphere, like Buckyballs are perfect, but alas they aren’t available anymore.  A rare earth magnet from Amazon or something similar would most likely suffice, but probably won’t roll around quite as well.

So as the the title implies, this is a very easy project.  Just unscrew the female Schraeder valve thread, stick some repair putty into the remaining hole, and shove the magnet into it.  Let it dry, and you’ll have something fun to stick to your toolbox, storage rack, or even a car (as long as you didn’t scratch the paint!).  They will light up when bumped, so that could be useful.  Maybe they could be attached to wind chimes.

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