More Sky Time Lapse Videos

After a really cool propane drum construction time-lapse in the last post, here’s a few more. The first is a time-lapse of the daylight sky with two layers of clouds crossing each other in different directions.  It made for a really cool effect:

After the “read more” are two other time-lapse videos I’ve made.  The first is of a place called “Lake Clinch” in Frostproof, Florida, and the other is a night sky time-lapse video.  I’ve shown the second video before while reviewing the equipment I used, but the first is new to JcoPro.

And here’s the previously featured night sky video:

There’s Not much more to this post (should have written down the interval settings etc), but I thought they were pretty neat videos.  The daytime cloud video turned out a bit better than the night version in my opinion, although it’s a bit jerky.  I probably should have taken more pictures so I could speed up the framerate.  For more videos – time-lapse and otherwise – check out (subscribe to?!) my Youtube channel!

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