Hank Drum Construction Overview

The “Hank Drum” as Jackson nicely puts it, is a poor man’s version of the “Hang Drum” or just “Hang” as is the preferred name.  You can find the material for this at your local dealer of propane and propane accessories, and after an afternoon of grinding and measuring, you can have a “Hank” of your own.

Although it’s fun to see it played, what really turned out great was a time-lapse video of us making the drum.  Check out the video after the “read more” to see what was involved.

Buying an actual “Hang”

Hang - via Wikipedia

Hang – via Wikipedia

If you’re of the opinion that this is too much work, and that you would like a genuine hang, “buyahangdrum.info” has this to say:

“there is currently only one official route to buying a Hang drum directly from those who make them (PANArt). And that is to write a hand-written letter (request/application) to the following address.

The Address:

PANArt Hangbau AG
Engehaldenstr. 131
3012 Bern/Switzerland”

cut-hank-drum-dremel-sparksAnd you’ll also have to part with around $2600!  You can always go the ebay route and buy a used one for $7,000 to $10,000+ dollars, but if you have that kind of cash laying around I’m open to donations to keep this site running!  I also make wooden trinkets and weird remote control boxes if you’re interested.

I’ve left out the “hairy details” of building this propane-drum for now, but will put more information on building your own in an upcoming post!


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  3. Thats a great Hank Drum you have there.

    Im trying to find a template for one similar to the more square toungs like you made.
    Do you know where i could get a template from please?

    Thanks, Mark

  4. dave stanno stansfield

    hi thanks for posting this saw a guy plying this type of drum in nerja spain sounded amazing going try make one cheers

    • Interesting to see one of these “in the wild.” Let me know if you do end up making one, I’d love to post pics here if you want.

      BTW, make sure you use a tank that’s never been filled!

  5. hi

    in what city are the makers located?


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  7. “Is there a set of templates available for these note sizes? i cannot find any info on any of the 15 sites i’ve looked at saying how big to make these cuts for each note! WTF, is this sumething you guess at and then just tune in or is there a specific initial size for each note that i need to cut out? or just guess and tune later? Comon, nobody has even mentioned the dementions for cutting out the friggin notes! Duh!

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