Battery Change for the Grizzly G0619 Mill/Drill Machine Z-axis DRO

g0619-mill-z-axis-lr44-battery-changeA few months ago my Grizzly G0619 Z-axis quill digital readout stopped working.  It read erratically to begin with, then wouldn’t turn on at all.  The simple solution is change the battery (a LR44), as illustrated in the animated GIF to the right.

I suspected it had a battery powering this DRO, but thought I had to take the main cover off somehow.  Anyway, it’s quite simple – just slide the battery cover to the right as illustrated.  Maybe I’m the only one that didn’t get it, but hopefully this will save someone some time.

One of these batteries costs around $6 at Radio Shack, but fortunately I happened to look around the Dollar tree next door and found a window alarm with three of them for $1!  To Radio Shack’s credit, they accepted the return politely.  Alternatively, a quick search of Amazon revealed this 10-pack of LR44 batteries for $1.70 plus free shipping!  If you need something now, “the Shack” is there, but it might be time for them to update some pricing…

I plan to write more about this mill, but if you want to check it out, here it is from Amazon.  Weird I haven’t done some sort of review of it yet, since I’ve done a ton of articles on my CNC router and several involving my manual lathe.  Also, here’s how I made the animated GIF at the top of the page!

Quick post, but it may save someone some trouble!


  1. I’m looking at getting one of these G0619 mills. I’ve been looking for someone who has one and can answer a few questions. Is the DRO that comes with the machine on the Z axis accurate? I am going to add a DRO for this machine when I order it. Is it of any value to get a 3 axis DRO? Can you even add a third Z axis DRO to this machine since it already has one? I’m guessing aftermarket DRO z axis would attach to the quil somehow like the stock one. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you, Eric

    • Hi Eric,

      As far as the the Z-Axis DRO goes, I’ve been pretty happy with it, but I can’t say I’ve really tested its accuracy. If you’re going to add a 3 Axis DRO (which I’m not sure if you can or not), maybe you could consider the cheaper model that doesn’t have the Z-axis DRO already built in?

      On the other hand, I think you loose some other features – electronically variable speed if I remember correctly. I like it having the speed control, but that may not be important to you.

      • Jeremy thank you very much for the info. in your opinion is thus an accurate enough machine to do gunsmith type work? Do you ever wish it had more RPMs or do you find it adequate to do most materials/ projects. Thank you Jeremy, Eric

        • No problem Eric!

          I’m not really familiar with the tolerances involved in gunsmith work. I’ve mostly used it to cut wood and plastic. The only thing I’d caution you about is that there is definitely some backlash, though I probably don’t have the machine set up as well as I could. I doubt it could ever hold “tenths,” but I’d be willing to bet that properly set up and used it could hold +-.005.

          I’m generally happy with the RPM range. Since I use it on wood, it could be higher, but it’s adequate for my needs.

          On the other hand, I saw somewhere where a guy made parts for an AK-47 out of a shovel handle, so I guess it all depends on what kind of “gunsmithing” you’re doing 🙂

          • Thank you Jeremy for your help. Im thinking I need to hold about +/- .0005 but not 100% sure it could be +/- .001. I would at least put an X and Y DRO that may help the backlash issue. But I’m reasonably sure +/- .005 wouldn’t cut it. Thank you very much for your time I really appreciate it. Eric