OrigAudio First Use and Laser Experiment

I may not know how exactly how to pronounce this device, but this OrigAudio is supposedly capable of playing music on any surface.  From the video below, I can confirm it will at least play music on a bucket…

As shown in the video, it’s pretty easy to hook up.  Ingenious little device.  I had an idea that if it could make a bucket vibrate, then a laser-pointer hooked up to it would make a dot “dance” on a wall.  I tried this several ways, but as seen in the video below, it was pretty ineffective.

I think if the vibration was slower and stronger, one could see an effect.  At one time I could have calculated what force and frequency I would need to do this, having passed a class called “Control of Dynamic Systems” for my Mechanical Engineering degree from Clemson.  During a week or so of clarity, I fully grasped these concepts.

In the real world, both as an engineer and random maker/experimenter at home, I mostly just try stuff that I think will work.  Most of the time it does – here’s a good example, my MDF Geneva Drive.  If you’d like one of these devices for yourself, it’s available on Amazon, and probably elsewhere if you want to leave your couch.


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