Wooden Warrior Dart Holder

greek-warrior-dart-holder-completeThose that have followed this blog for a while may have noticed the recent lack of CNC router posts.  Partly, this was because of other things I was working on (Servo light – graffiti, new lathe, etc).  More recently though, my router computer kicked the bucket.  I’ll post more on that later, but after seeing this knife holder on Reddit, I had an idea that needed to be made.

The original Greco-Roman warrior model was made for kitchen knives, so for dart use I reduced the model down by a factor of 1/2 using Draftsight.  1/4 inch plywood and glue was then used to create this dart holder with my ZTW CNC router.  A magnet holds the dart as shown in the pictures after the “read more.”  I neglected the crest piece because the first one didn’t turn out very well, and I was excited/in a rush to get it done.

If you want to make one for yourself, here’s the DXF package (including the middle crest piece), and the Gcode that I used to make everything.  The middle piece is not included in the Gcode package for now.

greek-dart-warrior-rotation-smallThe DXFs and Gcode are made for a CNC router using a 1/8 inch mill.  The middle may still need some work, since it wasn’t used.  This little warrior was routed using an older version of the Zen Toolworks 7 x 12 CNC (also available from Amazon), which I’ve written extensively about in my CNC category.

Software Used:

I did the CAM work on this with CAMBam, but the original was made with Estlcam.  Christian was nice enough to give me a copy to try out, so expect a review soon!

If you’re looking for a good free program to open up and modify drawing files, be sure to check out my review of Draftsight for Windows or Ubuntu Linux.  If you are wondering how I made the sweet rotating warrior GIF to your right, here’s a tutorial that I made.

BTW, thx ArduinoUno for cleaning up and “Englishifying” the original drawing.


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  3. I really want to make this to hold my darts, how tall is the warrior?

    • Hi Ryan,

      The warrior is around 6 inches tall – There should be a DXF available for exact dimensions if you use CAD at all. Draftsight is a good free viewer/editor if you don’t.

  4. corey voullaire


    What are the materials used and what are the measurements?

  5. anabelle herman

    Can I purchase this from you?

  6. How much are they?

  7. Jordan Seeman

    Im interested in buying one aswell

  8. Great idea! I made two of them, Friday, in time for a day-long party I had. They are a big hit. Did them by hand, with a jig-saw, sander and files.

    • Wow, really impressive work! Thanks for sharing the photos. Mind if I do a post on your version?

      • Hey, these are YOUR creation. Post away! I love these little dudes. The only thing I lack is the magnet in their hands. The darts kind of rest on two tiny nails, like a balancing act.

  9. Interested in buying one or two.

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