Old School Update May 2011

Boxie the creepster robotic box with LED ping-pong ball eyesIt seems that May was a busy month for JcoPro.net.  The biggest story was the introduction of “Boxie the Creepster,” a remote control box.  Although that probably doesn’t explain much, Boxie is basically the controls from a RC helicopter thrown into a box with some new servos and linkages.  Instead of controlling the main and tail rotor motor, these lines are used to make the ping-pong ball eyes turn different colors.

The video in the post should serve as a good introduction, and has a nice little surprise at the end.  If you’d like to see more info on how the eyes work, check this post out, or if for some reason you’d like to know how it interacts with dogs, that should let you know the answer.

The other big story, and one of my most popular, was the double-barrel pneumatic air cannon.  This thing was constructed nearly 10 years ago, so it doesn’t hold air as well as it used to, but it’s still pretty cool.  Although capable of launching potatoes, the demonstration is of it launching water.  Being able to use several sorts of ammunition really makes this a neat device.

double barrel pneumatic air cannon CAD drawingI also made something that I liked to refer to as an “Even More Useless Machine.”  It uses the internals of an air freshener to open and close a box.  No finger comes out, but it does happen automatically with an infrared sensor.  I’ve used air fresheners for a lot of hacks, most of them should be there.

Rounding out the month were several other posts, including one about Dropbox (and getting some bonus storage – I think it’s actually 500 megabytes now), the unboxing of a Dremel 200, and my thoughts on winning at Pinewood Derby.  Who knows if those techniques would work; I haven’t actually tried them.  This “nerdyderby” might be more fun, as it’s more of a “no-rules” format.

All in all a pretty successful month.  My best up to that point was April with around 16k pageviews.  May received over 11 thousand.  My site gets around 25 thousand a month now, so hopefully the overall trend will continue or even get better!

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