Download and Install Draftsight on Ubuntu Linux

no-ubuntu-draftsightAs described in a previous post, Draftsight is available for Linux.  Unfortunately, after needing to install it on another drive, it currently only seems to be available for Fedora, Suse, or Mandriva on their download page.  Fortunately, I still had the .deb file for Ubuntu stored, so was able to put it on my new SSD*.

Edit 2/9/3013: Dratsight Ubuntu is available directly from Dassault directly via this link.  Apparently they have some broken scripts on their page. Thx trycatch1 (via reddit)!

I’m not sure why it’s currently not available directly from Dassault, but (See above).  If necessary, here is a copy of the .deb Ubuntu installation file from Dropbox or your use.  I installed it by right clicking on the file, and running it via the Ubuntu Software Center.  Really painless, it just asked for a registration email address, and I think you have to register in 30 days.


Just download this .deb file, and the Ubuntu Software Center to take care of everything else.


Here’s a screenshot of Draftsight, running successfully on Ubuntu 12.04!  You need to register eventually, but that’s pretty easy.  It’s free software, but I didn’t see anywhere else to download it!

Update 2/5/2013: Between writing this article and publishing it, the Dassault link to download the Ubuntu Draftsight version went up, now it seems down again.  So who maybe it’s available.  You can check with them here.  You can download it for Mac or Windows there too, or check out my Windows Draftsight review if you run Microsoft and are on the fence about this free piece of software.

*I wouldn’t have noticed this issue, but I just installed a new SSD instead of the hard drive that crashed pretty hard about a year ago. It seems like a good improvement, and I plan to do a write-up about some of the speed and performance differences.  Fortunately, I still had the install package saved on my old HDD, so I swapped it out and synced it using Dropbox (here’s my little blurb on this service).


  1. A Review of Draftsight for Ubuntu Linux - pingback on February 9, 2013 at 12:07 pm

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