My Review of the PICnDuino on Hackaday


PIC in the front, Arduino in the back.  If PCBs could get mullet haircuts, this would be it.

In addition to this site, I write for as well as Wired UK on occaision. Normally, I don’t really talk about those articles here, but I recently did a review of the PICnDuino chip for Hackaday that I though was really cool.

This chip, available for pre-order here, has the ability to function as an Arduino or using its PIC processor.  Either can be selected to program with the flip of a switch, and both will run at the same time.  These boards won’t be available until March, which makes it extra sweet that I got one of these to review.  It’s got a great little form-factor as well as built-in LEDs and USB port, so what’s not to love?

Check out my full review on Hackaday, or just keep surfing around here, maybe check out the review/unboxing I did of the Arduino Uno. It may not have a PIC built in, but you can get your hands on one right now!

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