Servo Pan-Tilt Assembly and First Use

I’ve been working on something interesting involving a laser, the pyMCU, and this pan-tilt assembly from Servocity.  Here’s the basic assembly in action – certainly an improvement over my “Python-head man” contraption.


The servos are controlled using a pyMCU board, which I’ve been experimenting with quite a bit.  In this trial, I used the code directly from the “Python-head” experiment, which basically just makes a styrofoam “head” nod in different directions.  As for how the pan-tilt assembly goes together (in glorious time-lapse), check out the video below of everything being assembled:


If you enjoyed that, you should check back or subscribe using any of the methods on the upper-right sidebar.  I’ve got some really cool stuff in development for this setup, so you won’t want to miss it.  You can also always check out my YouTube channel where I generally upload things well before posting them here.  You might be able to get a sneak-preview of what’s going on here at the JcoPro garage!


  1. Why did you not publish the Visual Basic source code? I am really annoyed when people publish projects and don’t include the Visual Basic

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