JcoPro.net Site Goals for 2013

jcopro.net logoAs this site rolls past its second year in existence, I suppose it’s a good idea to set some goals.  First off, we’ll see if I met any of my website goals for 2012:

So here are my 2012 results:

  • Traffic: Goal: 350,000 pageviews – failed @ 298,000 views
  • Daily Traffic: Goal: 1500 pageviews/day – failed @ around 800/day (normal)
  • Search Traffic:Goal: 350 visits per day – success! @ sometimes more than 350, sometimes less.  We’ll call this good.
  • Adsense payments: Goal: 7 in year – failed @ not sure – probably four or five
  • Pay-per-month sponsors: Goal: some – failed @ none

Wow, so 1 out of 5 goals met.  Kind of poor.  On the other hand, I have had some success and payments from Amazon, so that makes up in a small part for the lack of Adsense payments.  Also, roughly pageviews in a year really isn’t too bad.  At 298,000 views, it more than doubles last year’s total.  Based on these stats, I’ll go ahead and set some goals for 2013:

  • Total Traffic: 400,000 pageviews total in 2013
  • Daily Traffic: 1500 pageviews/day (average number next December 2013)
  • Subscribers: 600 followers, including email, feeds*, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.
  • Pay-per-month sponsors: at least one!
  • Event: Show at a Maker Faire or the like

So I’ve added two goals and subtracted two.

raleigh-maker-faire-badge-jcoproThe first thing you might notice that I added is the “subscribers” goal.  After reading the “Blog Tyrant” page for a while, I started to understand one of the points that Ramsay harps on all the time.  You need to have subscribers (thanks to those that subscribe already!).  Without this, you’re somewhat beholden to search traffic.  This is great until an algorithm change knocks you down a few pegs.  Better safe than sorry.

Along with this, I took out the search goal.  I feel like that’s going pretty well as of now.  I may need to focus on keyword research more, but as search technology gets better and better, I think they are trying to get to is where optimization doesn’t matter.  Adsense payments got removed because how much money I make isn’t something I want to go into in depth.  I have a bit of diversity in my ads now, so pure Adsense numbers don’t mean quite as much anymore.

jcopro-laserThat being said, my hourly rate for making this site makes a minimum-wage worker look like a CEO.  Maybe not the CEO of Google, but something a little smaller like, say Automation Direct.  If anyone who works there is reading this, I’d love a picture of that guy’s office, especially if the Han Solo statue carbonite mold is still there!  At least the pay for writing JcoPro is better than posting everything on a site that I don’t own for free, and making money for them instead!

Money aside, (ironic to say that after an ad) the original purpose of this site is really to have fun and document stuff that I make.  It still is, but for better or worse I find myself building stuff to show off quite a bit, not always building stuff then writing about it.  It gives me some purpose for making crazy stuff, so thanks again for reading, and I hope that 2013 can be as entertaining as 2012!

*Added “feeds” to this on March 9th, 2013.  Not sure why it wasn’t included originally, but it should certainly count.  As of March 9th, I have subscribers totaling 16 email, 106 feeds (feedburner, Google reader), 123 Twitter, 22 (likes) Facebook, and 60 via Youtube.  I’m not sure if Google reader duplicates the feeds depending on how one is subscribed, but assuming all are unique, that adds up to 327 followers.

Hopefully I’m on track, but we will see.  It seems that Youtube is getting the most subscribers added, which is funny since I never intended it to be my focus.


  1. I was 296,000 pageviews last year. How about a friendly contest in 2013? 🙂