Master ‘Shroom Starts a Cult

Master ‘Shroom may have been the most advanced of all my wooden mushroom models, featuring a binary computer that turned his LED eyes on and off (explained in this post).  Although this is commonly known as a “switch” or “button”, this was enough to make him feel elevated above all other wooden ‘shroom models made up to that point.  Check out the video below to see what happens:

As with many of my projects, it started off as something different.  I simply thought that it would be a cool to take a photo of this LED enabled, natural-edge wooden mushroom in the dark with the lights off.  At some point, I took the picture below, with the LED eyes looking very crazy.  I’m not sure if I bumped it, or it was on purpose, but I wasn’t able to duplicate this shot.

After trying this shot again, then hooking up a piece of fishing line to it to drag it around to make light streaks, I started to thing I had enough to make a stop-motion short film with it.  The results are in the video, but below are a few of the more interesting shots.  The few where it looks like fire in the air are done by spinning “Master ‘Shroom” around in the air with a piece of fishing line.


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