The Birth of Master ‘Shroom with LED Eyes

After turning some mushrooms on my lathe, as explained in this post, I started thinking about how I could integrate some other ideas into my wooden models.  After some thought, I decided that if the head was large enough to accommodate a 3 volt coin cell battery and LEDs, I could add glowing eyes to it.

[youtube]The video hopefully does a good job of explaining how it was made.  One thing that might not be obvious is why the electrical tape is on one side of the battery.  If the battery is installed without it, the switch will work intermittently.  This is because of the way coin cells are made, sometimes the LED wires will short the positive and negative together.  Shorting the wires like this allows current to flow without lighting the LED and draining the battery quickly.  The tape prevents this situation.

Mechanically, A 7/8 inch paddle bit was used to create a space for the CR2032 battery so it would fit in the mushroom and straddle the two sets of LED leads. The two eyes holes are drilled out with a 3/16 inch drill just above the paddle bit cut.  The area behind the “eyes” had to be cut out a little more to accommodate for the lip on the end of the 5mm LEDs (Available this multi-pack from Amazon).  Really, I should be using a resistor with this, but I’m not.  Resistors came with the aforementioned multi-pack, so I really have no excuse.

wooden-led-mushroom-cultIt was a fun project making this little guy.  As seen in the image to the right, it looks really creepy at night.  I may or may not have made a stop-motion video using the mushrooms pictured here, like some of the other videos that I’ve done.  I may or may not be posting about that soon.  Be sure to subscribe to see what comes next!


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