Easy Breadboard Attachment for pyMCU or Arduino

breadboard-blued-back-of-pymcuWhat if you have an Arduino Uno, or pyMCU and would like to use a breadboard with it?  There are some solutions out there that allow you to build an Arduino on a breadboard.  What If you just want an area to prototype something on your existing board that doesn’t look like a rat’s nest?

Or at least a fairly neat rat’s nest.  This backwards breadboard mount fit really well in the “Python Head” robot I’ve been working on (more in a later post).  All you need for this simple hack is the following:

animated-pymcu-breadboard-attachmentOnce you have the components, super glue as shown in the animated GIF to the right.  Then run the wires as shown.  Once done, you can use electrical tape, zip tie, etc to secure the wires to the side.  I’ve only tried this with the pyMCU so far, but the Arduino should work about the same way.  Have fun, and be sure to sign up for updates to see what I actually did with this pyMCU/breadboard combo!

If you’re wondering how I made the animated GIF shown here, just check out this post for how this is done with GIMP.  You can also check out all my projects using the pyMCU here.


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