400,000 Hits for JcoPro.net!

jcopro.net logoSo today I should hit a new milestone of 400,000 total pageviews!  Thanks to all those that visit my site, and especially to those that subscribe through any of the ways on the upper right corner of my site.  Also, thanks to everyone that’s supported the site in one way or another whether through advertising or free/discounted stuff that I sometimes use in my projects!

As for traffic souces, it seems that Google search has overtaken the number one spot, followed by Reddit and Hackaday.com (which I write for).  I’m pretty happy that my search results have been going up, but strangely I seem to rank highly for the term “Ubuntu Logo.”  Not that I’m complaining, I actually made a logo for this OS with a PCB not too long ago.  Additionally, I get a decent number of direct visits, so thanks for checking back!

So given this occasion, I decided to highlight my top 5 posts*

So how about the worst-performing post on JcoPro?  Although tied with several others at 30 hits each, this post had the highest alphabetical name, and thus appears last on my stats page: “Worn Out Velcro Mountain Biking Shoes?  Convert to Laces!”  Apparently putting grommets in shoes was a bit of a stretch for this blog, but maybe it’ll get 2 or 3 hits off of this post and rocket it to 25 from last or so.

*Excluded from this list was the Home page / Archives, and the “Ubuntu Logo” page.  I’m not sure how I get so much search traffic for the logo, but whatever…


  1. Thank you.

  2. That’s great that you have so much search engine traffic. I want to have as much as possible, but it’s only about 12% of my total traffic right now.