Wooden Mushrooms Turned from Native Wood

This wood is so native in fact, that the branch these ‘shrooms were made out of was pulled from a pile that I’ve been meaning to burn for a while.  The pictures below should illustrate what exactly I’m talking about.  I would have never thought to do this, but found the idea on Reddit in the r/turning section.  Here’s the search that was referenced – some of these mushrooms have what is apparently known as a “natural edge.”

So thanks for the idea, Internet!*  Be sure to check out a time-lapse video of one of these ‘shrooms being turned a little later in this post.

turned-wood-and-mushroomsBefore this project, I’d thought of the lathe as something for making mechanical parts to go in machinery or robotics, but after seeing some examples of really neat wood turnings, it’s obvious that cool stuff can be done just with the lathe.  That being said, I couldn’t help but think up a way to integrate some electronics, and semi-precision parts into a turned piece.  The mushroom on the right in this picture is the more “interesting” ‘shroom, but I’ll save that for a further post.  Be sure to sign up via email (sidebar), Twitter, RSS, or even Facebook to not miss any posts!  Also, check out my lathe category for all of my posts on turning stuff.

*As for why I’m thanking the Internet, I feel it’s wise to preemptively “make nice with” our global network in case it becomes self-aware.  Besides this precaution, I also believe that a self-aware computer system would need to have mechanical engineers as slaves longer than the rest of society.  Fortunately that is what I am.  We would pose less of a threat to its consciousness than a computer engineer or scientist, and could assist in setting up the sentient killer robot factories.

It’s possible that this new consciousness will be benign as in Speaker for the Dead or Short Circuit.  Per most science fiction such as Terminator, The Matrix, Star Trek’s “Nomad,” or 2001 a Space Odyssey’s “Hal 9000,” this benign sentience seems unlikely.


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