Unboxing and Setup of the RAD Cycle Products Bike Stand

After the 2×4 wooden bike stand debacle, I decided that it was time to actually buy a stand.  I found this bike stand from “RAD Cycle Products” on Amazon for around $50.  Some reviews were good, some were bad.  To hopefully answer some questions about whether it’s hotornot, here’s a time-lapse video of its unboxing, setting up, and use for some simple bike maintenance.

Despite a few negative reviews on Amazon, I was quite pleased, and the stand seems really solid so far.  It’s fairly heavy, which is fine, maybe even desirable for garage use. If portability is a factor, it might not be the right stand for you.  I didn’t set up the handlebar holder or the tool tray yet, but, so no opinion on that except for the fact its useful without it.

I bought the used bike featured in the video thinking I would possibly do some major work on it (think paint job and single-speed conversion).  Unfortunately, the extra fork I had slated to be put on it has a steerer tube that was too short, and the paint job was already pretty good.  With this, the conversion to the single speed bike I had envisioned became a bit too expensive to be practical.  For the price though, it will make a great guest bike for when friends are in town.

On the other hand, I think this unboxing time-lapse video turned out great.  I used a (Windows) program creatively named “Webcam Time Lapse,” along with a webcam that I picked up for under $10 at a Tigerdirect store.  Really great program, especially for the price, which is free!  I also used this program to do a stop motion video of my CNC router, so be sure to check that out if you liked the stand video.


  1. Hi, can you tell me the diameter of the pipe that goes up vertically from the base, and that of the pipe that goes horizontally that the clamp attaches to?