New Bits from Zen Toolworks

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’d know that I have a ZTW 7×12 CNC router.  The spindle I’m using can take a 1/8 inch shank tool, the same as a standard Dremel.  These bits are fine, but Zen Toolworks also carries a good selection of 1/8 inch shank bits that can work with your router, and was nice enough to send me some to check out using my CNC router.  On second thought, the Zen bits could be used with a traditional Dremel tool as well, so that may open up some ideas…

Although as of this writing they don’t carry anything with a cutting diameter of over 1/8 inch, ZTW’s selection of 1/8 and smaller bits is quite impressive.  The 1/8 inch carbide wood and PVC cutter seems to be a cutter that could serve most cutting needs that people have.  It’s quite a bit shorter than the Dremel router bit or the original Zen version (measure) that I originally had.  Since this bit is just over 1 inch in length, it won’t be able to penetrate nearly as much, but the rigidity (problematic at times) should be improved considerably.

Zen also sent me a normal 1/8 inch mill (which isn’t currently listed), and a 1.8 mm and 1.0 mm PCB bit.  I haven’t been able to use these yet, but I do have a pretty good supply of blank PCBs, (see my first experiment with them) and as always have many ideas for their use.

tiger-paw-spray-painted-pixelI haven’t tried out all of the bits yet, but one I did use already was a 1 mm ball nose end mill on when making my tiger paw stencilIt’s quite tiny, but did a good job penetrating the thin plastic material that made up my stencil.  Something like this you would expect to just snap off, but it held up quite well drilling the holes for it.

Sure, I’ve been plugging Zen’s bits, which you should check out, but if you need a bit with more cutting area, I would also recommend the excellent 1/4 inch Dremel 654 router bit (available from Amazon).  Or See my review of it if you like.

As always, I have more projects in my head than I have time for, but hopefully I’ll get to use all these bits before too long!

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