The Joby GorillaTorch Light Review

joby-gorillatorch-rechargingSo I was given a Joby Gorillatorch Blade Tactical Flashlight (Tactical?) for use in my garage (or wherever), and really think it will be extremely useful.  For under $40 on Amazon, this light comes with a pretty impressive feature set:

  • Rechargable battery with combination USB and wall charger
  • Adjustable focus beam
  • Multiple power settings
  • Removable magnetic tripod stand to attach to your equipment
  • 6.5 hour max battery life
  • 130 max lumens

Seriously, what more could you want?  As seen in the video below, it can be mounted onto all kinds of things.  Probably my favorite use so far is to attach it to my milling machine where it can either light up your workpiece or set to light up whatever your working on near the mill.  Of course you could always attach it to metal shelving, a toolbox, or to a motor housing that you’re working on.

According to Joby, this little light has a battery life of 6.5 hours at the standard 65 lumen setting, or 2.5 hours at the 130 lumen setting (set in 3 minute bursts by holding down the button).  So far, the 65 lumen setting has been more than enough, so I’m quite happy with this light.

In the pictures above, the vise under my milling machine is shown at the same exposure length for no light, 65 lumens, and 130 lumens.  Although it’s hard to tell from the shots, 130 is brighter, but 65 will generally be enough to see what you’re working on.  If you’re a professional machinist, this might not be the correct (primary) light for you.  For the hobbyist that might want to move the light to a different machine or position, it definitely does the trick.  You can even release the clamp to free it from the magnetic flexible tripod if you so desire!  It works very well for shining in the woods etc as a general flashlight as well if you’re interested in non-shop use.

no-shine-torch-in-faceThanks to CNET for having some of the info on this that I was lacking after I thought I’d thrown out the user manual…  Excerpt from my manual shown to the right – Don’t shine in your eyes!

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