More Storage – My FastTrack System Expands


First set of shelves ready to be expanded

Recently I have been running out of room in my garage.  Fortunately, I’ve been using the FastTrack Garage Organization system which is infinitely reconfigurable.  I’d thought about the eventuality of needing more space when the shelves were set up, so expansion was quite easy.

In the case of the shelves seen to the right, I had installed a rail that was purposefully too long (a 5G77 84 inch model), and was able to install two more shelves in a similar manner to what is seen in this post.  That wasn’t too hard, although the wooden shelves are a bit of a pain to get the supports to screw into.  This doubled my storage space on this set of shelves, which was an obvious boon to garage cleanliness.


Back rack after upgrade

This was good, but I had another set towards the back of the garage that had a mountain bike, a full wire shelf, and two half shelves.  I had a 5E03 horizontal bike hanger, that sits the bike nearly flush to the wall, but given my situation, the 5E02 vertical bike hanger was able to save a ton of wall space.  The bike sticks out more, but this isn’t a problem, and allowed me to replace the half shelves with full shelves.  It also freed up some space to lean my sail on saving garage floorspace.  Yes, I recently acquired a small catamaran – see my post about fixing the trampoline loops.  Check out the video below to see how I did this upgrade, and how much extra storage it created.

So as you can see from the end of the video, there is much, much more space to be had on my upgraded FastTrack racks.  Although the FastTrack is available on Amazon, their prices weren’t spectacular in this instance.  I ended up shopping with Home Depot, which in this case saved me some money.  Their selection can be pretty limited in the store, but online they have everything you need with free shipping.

FYI, I get a commission when anyone buys something (even if it’s not from the link) off of Amazon after clicking one of my links there.  I don’t get anything from Home Depot, however.  As much as I like the commission, I’d rather have people trust this site, than make a tiny bit of money in the short run.  So I’d suggest checking Home Depot’s website, or probably Lowe’s for that matter.

Also of note, is that I upgraded the rack in the video after going for an actual mountain bike ride.  Thus the sweaty cut-off T-shirt.  It was going to be converted to a rag, but somehow it’s still in use.


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