Old School Update April 2011

full bolt action mini potato cannonApril 2011 wasn’t a particularly busy month for me creation-wise, but I did come up with a series of posts that remain popular on search engines and Youtube.  In this month, I outlined how to build a bolt-action pneumatic potato cannon.

This design was thought up and originally made several years ago when I was in college.  It was used somewhat successfully, but never really had a good stock for everything.  It also never used any o-rings, so I got a set of those to seal it better.  The key is the bolt assembly made out of Delrin that slides in and out of the main PVC part.

The design is split up into three parts:

The “stock” ended up breaking when I took it to the Maker Faire in Raleigh this year, so I’ll have to make a new one if I do that again.  Maybe I’ll bring an air compressor next year!

In other news, the only other thing that I posted about this month was play with some filters on GIMP.  They can give some cool effects, but the cartoon filter was especially useful as it can make exported CAD drawings a bit easier to read (or put on the web).

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