Green Laser Light Painting

jcopro-laserSimilarly to how many of my projects start, I saw a green laser on Amazon, and decided it would probably be good for a project.  Light painting was the first thing that came to mind.

As displayed to the right, if you open up your shutter, as in my intro to light painting, you can use the laser as if it were a pen.  I’ve written “JcoPro,” but you can write or draw whatever comes to mind.  I did all of the photos during this session using a 5 or 10 second exposure time.  Usually I use a longer exposure or use the “bulb” setting, but 10 seconds seemed like enough time.  Check out my other laser “light-graffiti” after the break!

The laser used for this project worked well, and is quite bright.  One thing that threw me off initially was that I used AAA batteries (not included) that were a little low on power.  Only a tiny bit of light was visible through the lens.  After some new batteries, it worked great, although you have to detach the lens to get a simple straight beam.  I may use the lenses for something eventually, but if you only want the simple “point” beam, you could get one of these instead for around half the price ($5.00 as of this writing).  I haven’t tried it, but the specs look nearly identical.

Be sure to check out all my light painting posts, including how do use a CNC router to make more precise light art!


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