Cheapest Mountain Bike Stand Ever?

stand-vise-rotateSo maybe you have a decently well-equipped shop for some things, but your bike-repair tools are a little lacking?  Also, lets assume that you’re either very cheap, or just really like to see if something can be done.  If so, this “bike stand” could be for you.  Made out of only a 2×4 and meant to attach to a shop vise, it can be made for less than $1 worth of materials if you have the tools available.

On the other hand, in it’s current iteration it may scuff your paint job.  I can think of a few solutions to the scuffing problem, like stretching an old tube and modifying the clamping system, but as of now I haven’t tried it.  Additionally, the bike can possily slide around some, but the solution may be the same as for the scuffing problem.  Because of this, I’d call the 2×4 stand only a marginal success so far.  Maybe it’ll give someone inspiration to make a proper stand in a similar manner (see the pictures after the “read more”).

As for the tools/materials that you’ll need to make this stand:

  • Drill, or preferably a drill press
  • 1 1/2 inch (or whatever your frame tube diameter is) hole saw
  • Saw – my miter saw worked well, but many types should work
  • a 2×4
  • C-Clamp – Although it is a tool, it’s an integral part of the “finished” product.

The pictures should tell you more or less the idea behind this stand.  One cuts a hole onsize or slightly bigger than your frame tube.  Then the front is notched out so the bike can be squeezed in by bending the wood open.  The notch has to be nearly as big as the tue-hole, but putting some kerf cuts towards the base help it flex to get the bike in.

Probably a better solution would be to simply cut the top 2×4 piece completely off, then bolt it back down with a bolt on either side of the tube where the bike is attached.  I didn’t have a bolt that would work (roughly 4 inches) available, so this is what I came up with.  Maybe I will try it eventually…  Come to think of it, installing some version of these at the entrance to bike trails could be super convenient.  The design would definitely have to be beefed-up though!  Be sure to check back, or sign up as an email subscriber to be informed of what is going on here!
clemson downhill freeride 2012

This last picture is from some photos I took of the 2012 Clemson Freeride competition!  Somewhat unrelated.


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