Easy Spiral Light Painting with LEDs

spiral circle bending offAfter making my light nunchucks, at some point I realized that although they were super fun to play with, there was an easier way to make light paintings using Fireflys wheel lights (my review).  Just hook them to a string!  This may be obvious to some, but after this realization, I drilled a hole through the part that is supposed to thread onto a Schraeder valve.  Then I tied a string to it.

That’s pretty much all there is to it!  You can get a set of wheel lights off of Amazon for around $1 as of this writing, and you’ll have a spare if you break the first one.  They turn off when not slinging around, which is pretty excellent for this application.  Check out the photos after the “more” thing to see some photos of how I constructed this device and more of the results.

If you thought this was pretty cool, and would like to get started light painting, be sure to check out my beginner’s guide to light painting, or you can check out all my light painting posts here.  It’s pretty easy to do, but is quite challenging to master.  I’m not even close.


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