How to Repair Catamaran Trampoline Loops Using an Awl

sailboat-trampoline-loops-fixedSure, sewing cardboard is fun and all, but why not do something useful with your awl?  I originally bought an awl (this one from Amazon) to repair some loops that were torn out on my Prindle (Hobie-Cat style) sailboat’s “trampoline.”  Finally here’s an article about it. After cutting some strips of material off of a ratchet strap and looping them over, they were sewn onto this larger piece of material called a trampoline.

Sure, a ratchet strap isn’t really a cost-effective source for a nylon strap, but it was longer than I needed and available, so why not?  Everything was sewn as shown below using the awl.  To begin with, I tried to use the space that the first loops were attached to.  This worked, but was difficult to get the needle through.  For some, I installed the loops beside the original placement.  It helped to use a 2×4 with a hole cut in it (recycled from this robot attempt) to poke everything and stop it before it pierced the sailboat’s hull.

The straps were all around 5 inches long, but this can vary depending on your application.  How this was stitched was pretty simple, and should be illustrated in the pictures below.  Optionally, you should burn the edges of the cut straps so they don’t fray.  As for how to actually use this awl, check out my first post/video about sewing up a piece of cardboard for no reason.

prindle-in-actionIt may not be appropriate for every project, but having something like this to make repairs can definitely help in a pinch!  The loop repairs worked quite well, and even though I didn’t get every loop fixed, I was able to successfully use the trampoline on my “Prindle 16” catamaran!


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