Amateur Engineering Reddit and Other Ways to Get JcoPro Delivered!

atst-painting-red-backMonths ago I mentioned starting a new Reddit page called Amateur Engineering.  It now has almost 650 readers, which is awesome, since it’s so far mostly about this site.

I put a lot of stuff from here up there as well as anything else that seems appropriate – the Shocker Drone Huffington post article for instance.  For those of you that don’t know, Reddit is a site that lists other interesting articles, so you might find some other good stuff besides from me there.

For other ways to keep track of what I’m doing, feel free to follow me on Twitter, or even Facebook.  I’m not a huge fan of FB these days, but it automatically updates with new posts, so use it if you like!  You can also subscribe using email, as seen to the right on your screen, or via feedburner if you use that.

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