Old School Update: March 2011

Limpy Glade air freshener remote control robot side viewMarch 2011, at least at first, seemed to continue on the path of taking apart and repurposing air freshers to whatever strange idea I came up with.

Limpy The Robot:  Most likely the crudest “robot” that I’d ever made, this uses two internal assemblies from an automatic air freshener to limp around on two broken pencils.  Control is done with the internals of a cheap RC car.  As it contains no sensors or autonomous control, it’s pedigree as a “robot” is quite questionable.

The Angular Momentum Roller:  One of the more popular posts of 2011, this device is simply a piece of PVC pipe with a remote control and motors on each side.  The motors have masses attached to them, and because angular momentum must be conserved, when they start to roll one way, the body rolls the other way.  I was hoping to make it turn too, but that would require a bit more effort.  Interestingly, many of the parts for this were recycled from “Limpy.”

pny usb key fob by itself

Key fob when the original article was written (had been used for a while already). Not many changes.

How to make a USB Key Fob: I’d come up with this before I had this site, but decided to share it since it’d been so successful (still attached after several years).  Some cord and the ability to tie a noose and surgeon’s loop is all that’s needed to make one of these, although a fire source would also be convenient.

How to Make a Hole in the Middle of a Golf Ball: or “how to fixture a golf ball for drilling.”  Also works for ping-pong balls or whatever else.  Draftsight 3D Capability: yes, it has some limited capabilities, but won’t replace Pro-E or Solidworks any time soon.  Camera Capacitor Safety: these things can give you quite a shock.  Best be careful when taking one apart!  Swiftpoint Mouse Review: Good mice, but expensive.  Also, apparently dogs like to eat them.


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