Change the Link Color on the Zbench WordPress Theme

wordpress-appearance-editorThis trick, although kludgy, should work for many WordPress templates.  Zbench, the template that I use for this site, comes by default with link colors that aren’t very distinguishable from normal text.  After searching for a solution to this, I finally figured it out using GIMP to help me.

In order to edit the link color, on your WordPress dashboard menu, go to Appearance ==> Editor, then open “Style.CSS.”  You’ll see all kinds of color codes, but you only want to edit those that correspond to the links.  The question is, what color code are your links?

screenshot-getting-link-colorTo figure out what color the links were, I did a printscreen of the website itself, with the text zoomed in, then opened it in GIMP.  Using the color picker tool, I clicked on the middle of this text, and it gave me the color code of “4a630f.”  Armed with this information, I went back into “Style.CSS” and did a ctrl-f command to find “4a630f.”  Each of these instances I then replaced with the blue link color that Wikipedia uses, “0645AD.”  This seemed standard enough for me, and after this update, the links pop out on my page much better.

getting link color HTML code GIMPCertainly I probably replaced a few instances that I shouldn’t have, but the site looks pretty good, and I haven’t noticed any problems.  If you’re using the Zbench theme, you can just replace the “4a630f” code like I did, but these techniques should work for any WordPress theme that you’re using.

As for what GIMP is, it’s a free image editing program that I use a lot for this site.  I’ve done some tutorials for different stuff using the program, and all my stop-motion videos are done with it too.  Apparently this is one more use – what a great program!


  1. I have themes like Yours.
    And finally I can change my Green link color to Blue link!

    Thanks a lot Jeremy, I really appreciate your information 😀