Shoot RS-60E3 Shutter Release Review for Canon T2i

Shoot-RS60-E3-in-boxAlthough I already have a RC-6 wireless shutter release for my DSLR that I reviewed here, at less than $5 with shipping, I decided I needed a wired shutter release (here it is on Amazon).  My original intention was to turn this into some sort of intervalometer (timing device for time-lapse shots etc), using An Arduino or other device.  There was, however, a long exposure shot that I was thinking about doing that would be ideal for this remote trigger (more on that later).

After receiving the creatively named “Shoot” remote trigger, I realized what a simple device this thing is.  Although surprisingly well built, I suspected that all this did was provide an alternate trigger to the one on the top of the camera.  In function, it acts just like you were pressing this button, including doing an auto-focus by holding the trigger partway down and triggering with a solid push.  The main trigger still works when the remote trigger is plugged in if you were wondering.

Shoot-trigger-insides-RS60-E3Naturally I had to take it apart, and using my Wiha screwdriver set (my review here) it was just a matter of unscrewing 2 Phillips head screws.  As I suspected, all there was inside was a double acting switch.  After some analysis with a voltmeter, the 2.5mm TRS connector’s base (or sleeve) was connected with the middle ring portion when the button is pressed in part way.  All three sections are then connected when the button is pushed in all the way.

So on the plus side, this device is well-built and will never run out of batteries since it doesn’t have any.  If you’re looking for something to hack, the case is easily disassembled, however there’s not much there.  Depending on what you want, just buying a 2.5 mm stereo jack might do the trick for any mods.  This one was built from an old cellphone headset – very clever.  Not that you really want to risk a $600 camera because you were to cheap to buy an actual remote trigger, but as with anything on this site, I really don’t recommend trying to duplicate this idea.

5-min-exposure-watchAs for the RS-60E3 unit itself, yes, I would recommend it.  Extremely simple, and unlike the RC6 wireless trigger, you don’t have to be in front to use it.  This worked out really well for some long-exposure photos I took of a watch with glow-in-the-dark hands as seen to the right.  I put the watch in the laundry room and was able to trigger and release the shutter without ever opening the door.  I wouldn’t have been able to do this with the RC6 unless I had just stayed in there with it.  It should be evident which is which, but one was exposed for 5 minutes, and one for 10.



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