Light Painting with LED PVC Nunchucks

nunchuck-light-painting-vortexAs outlined in this post, you can make some sweet nunchucks using PVC pipe and wheel lights, but besides being generally awesome, what good are they?  Light painting is one good use, and I’ll demonstrate how I made the vortex shape that you see on the right in the video after the “read more.”

You’ll definitely need some photography equipment including:

  • DSLR or other camera capable of long-exposure shots (this is the camera that was used from Amazon, a Canon T2i)
  • Tripod (optional) – mine came from Walmart, but you could also just set it on a chair or table.
  • Remote camera trigger (optional) – Less than $5.00 from Amazon, or you can check out my review of the RC6 infrared trigger.
  • LED nunchuckssee this post for how to make a set, or you could swing a light around on a string.

Once you have this stuff, you’ll want to start the nunchucks (or whatever you’re using) spinning close to the camera.  Open the shutter, preferably using a remote trigger and keep spinning the nunchucks while walking back in an approximately straight line.  As light is captured, it will look like some sort of swirling vortex as seen in the pictures below the video.

If this seems a little random and unpredictable to you, maybe you’d prefer to check out how I did some light painting using a CNC router.  As with this technique, it definitely helps to have a remote IR trigger!


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