New Categories: “LED and Light Projects” and “Blogging and Announcements”

LED solar light inserted into diffuser cubeI try not to make up new categories that much for this site (maybe this will change since they’re not pictures now), but I decided to add two recently.  Because these subjects kept coming up here about simple light projects, I made the “LED and Light Projects” category.  Since there are often blogging announcements and shows like the NC Maker Fair, I thought I’d make a “Blogging and Announcements” category.  I may write some posts about how the ads works on here, or how I write stuff in general, so that would go under this as well.

As far as some highlights of the LED and Light Projects, I’ve been quite pleased with how the simple “Solar Glow Cube” turned out considering how little effort it took to make this device.  On the other end of the spectrum, my “CNC light painting” turned out great as well, but took much more work to get functional.  I really need to put some more time into the CNC light painting, as I think there is more interesting stuff to be done.  Unfortunately, I don’t have as much time as I would like (unlimited).

jcopro-display-maker-faire-raleigh-2012“Blogging and Announcements” probably doesn’t have as many highlights, but it’s a great place to put stuff like the post you’re currently reading.  Also something like this “Old School Update“, or pictures that I took at the Maker Faire 2012 should fit into this category since they’re about promoting my blog and meeting people.


  1. Cool, thanks!