Buckyballs Safety Recall Lawsuit

Buckyballs and CardBuckyballs, which I first featured in this review in January, have been quite fun to play with.  They can be dangerous though, especially if swallowed.  Children of course enjoy chewing on and swallowing random objects, so the CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Commission) thought this was too big a risk for these items to be sold, and has filed a lawsuit to this effect.  I don’t have kids myself (except a dog that I have to keep these away from per warnings in the documentation), and maybe I’d feel differently if I did, but the recall attempt seems a bit extreme in my opinion.  The boxes come with warnings on it, and although I really didn’t think about it before, Buckyballs claims to market exclusively to adults.

So if you bought these on my recommendation, consider yourself warned, this product could be unsafe…  However, so could pretty much anything featured on this site (see the disclaimer on the about page).  As much as I like them, my CNC router, milling machine, or mitre saw could hurt me, but I still take the risk of using them.  For that matter, most of us don’t hesitate to drive our cars, but they can be quite dangerous as well.  I do, however try to always pay attention and use the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) when working with any sort of dangerous tools.

Buckyballs was nice enough to sample me a couple sets to review in January, and even gave my readers a discount if they entered the code “jcopro” when purchasing.  It was for the first 10 people, and I’m not sure if it works anymore, but I thought that was really cool.  FYI, as of this writing, Buckyballs isn’t paying or otherwise rewarding me for this post, but the possibility of these products not being available isn’t really something I’d like to see.  For that matter, I think neodymium magnets (apparently quite a few are still available on Amazon) are pretty awesome in general, and I’d rather not have my access to these things restricted.

So I’ll be keeping my Buckyballs.  Maybe they can be protected under the 2nd amendment…  Fast forward to around 0:30 to see this “gun” in action!  For something else to do with them, you could always make LED throwies with them like I did.


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