Old School Update: January 2011 Project Summary

setup for Hot Dog Droid stop motion animation videoI was apparently pretty busy in January of 2011.  Here are some highlights:

MAME Controller Part 2: One of the more interesting posts was about converting my MAME Controller to use an encoder.  This worked much better than the keyboard I was using before, even if it wasn’t wireless.  I also “finished” my controller using contact paper to give it a nice “wood grain” finish.  Stain and a Eurethane clear coat would have probably been better, but this gave it a very arcade-like finish in my mind.

Stop Motion Animation: After my controller was done, I started playing with stop motion animation.  Because of a super-simple mount for my Env2 camera phone that I made out of a 2×4, I was able to attach it rigidly to my milling machine to make my first two stop motion videos featuring “Shop Cookies” dancing around on one, and a hot dog and droids on the other.  The third video featured post-it notes and turned out pretty good as well.  That was it for January, but you can check out my other videos here.

pallet saw stand with a shelfShipping Pallet Work Table: I’d saved a pallet that my milling machine came on for a while, because it seemed like it would be useful for something.  At some point inspiration struck, and this is that I came up with.  I put my miter saw on this, and it worked out quite nicely considering the price of it.  As you might notice from the URL, I though it was spelled palette.

I also experimented with making a Bowden cable, which I meant to turn into a type of puppet or robot eventually, but nothing ever came of that.  Another article about GIMPhow to draw a circle, and one about how to fix an unlicensed copy of Draftsight (which is strange for a free program) rounded everything out.

Actually I think that was all of the posts, not just the highlights.  Be sure to keep obsessively checking this site for updates or follow on Twitter or Feedburner.  Alternatively, you could just poke around in the archives (right sidebar) because the posts will be new to you.

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