Poll: What Projects Have You Worked on in 2012

What "Hacks" Have You Worked on This Year? (Multiple Answers Encouraged!)

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barely walking hexapod robot pegleg's first revisionI hope you’ll add some of your projects in the comments section, also for purposes of this poll, I’m counting “dumb” RC devices as robots.  Would love to see what everyone is working on.  If you need some inspiration for your own projects, I might suggest the following:

Robots: Limpy – very simple to make, stumbles around on two pencil legs.  Boxie the Creepster, a bit harder, but something like this might be doable.  Pegleg the hexapod – the most refined ‘bot that I’ve done.  Would take a while to make another.

CNC Machining: I’ve got plenty of posts on this, mostly involving my Zen Toolworks CNC router.  The ZTW can be bought directly, but you can also purchase from Amazon.

3D Printing/Computer Mods/Coding: I’ve never done any 3D printing and little in the way of computer mods or coding.  You’re on your own unless you want to install a PCI parallel port for use with Mach3!

Potato Cannon: Yes, I’ve made a few of those.  My most popular are my little bolt-action pneumatic air cannon, and the double-barrel cannon that can shoot water!

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