New Favorite CNC Router Dremel Bit

dremel 1/4 router bitAfter cutting with a long 1/8 inch cutter, then moving on to a 5/16 inch cutter as a sort of flycutter, I found another but that worked very well in most situations.  It’s the Dremel 654 bit (available from Amazon).  This bit is much shorter than the standard 1/8 inch router bit that both Dremel and Zen Toolworks sells, which gives it much higher resistance to bending when cutting material.  Also, the cutting surface is wider, but not quite as large as the 5/16 inch bit (here’s my write-up on using that cutter if you’re interested).

I think the 1/4 inch bit is supposed to cut a bit better than the 5/16 inch bit when doing a plunge-type cut as well.  After looking around, I also noticed this Mini Router Bits Set, or this nearly identical set on Amazon.  I haven’t used either, but they come with some other interesting bits so either might be worth a try.

Either way, the 1/4 inch bit will increase your pocketing speed dramatically.  Being more rigid than the 1/8 inch bit should also increase your cut accuracy.  I would definitely recommend trying this out for your CNC router if you haven’t already!  I used one of these to make a 3D topo map, and I can’t imagine how long it would have taken with a 1/8 inch bit.  It still took a long time!


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