Old School Update: December 2010

December 2010 was the second month of this blog, and I had several projects and tutorials ranging from the very complicated – a walking robot – to the relatively simple – a ladder toss game.

robot side view final assembly

Pegleg the Hexapod: The biggest “Story” of December 2010 was about a hexapod robot that I made a long time ago with hobby servos and a Basic Stamp 2 processor.  Although not as advanced as some, this little hexapod used 3 servos to get around, but was capable of lifting a pretty incredible payload for it’s tiny size.  I once demonstrated it walking with a heavy textbook on top of it.  Here’s an introduction to it with a pretty good video at the end.  Also included was a post on it’s construction including a bill of materials and prints that should allow anyone to make one, a kinematics post, and one on programming it.

Ladder Toss: Similar to how the ancient bola was used to catch small prey on horseback, the modern ladder toss golf-ball bola is now used to latch onto PVC pipe at tailgates and college frat parties.  Modern users generally use Costa Del Mar sunglasses held on with Croakies for eye protection when using this device.  Bright colored shirts are also worn for high visibility and safety.  Sooo anyway, if you want to build one, here’s my instructions.  It’s really easy to build the PVC ladder section, but in order to put a hole in your golf ball, you may want to build the jig I describe here.

Along the same theme as the ladder toss game, I also put up instructions on building a cornhole toss set that I made for a Christmas present.  It turned out quite nicely, and the “how to” format of the post seemed to work well for this post.

drill made from pencil sharpener

The Pencil Sharpener Drill: My first post featuring something that I hadn’t personally made.  My friend Jason made a drill out of a pencil sharpener and in the included video actually drills through some plywood with it.  Pretty weird/incredible to see for the first time.

Also included This Month were my first GIMP tutorial as well as a review of DraftsightDraftsight was used to get the angles correct on my cornhole toss board, and GIMP, a free photo-editing program was used to make several of the illustrations from this month.

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